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to help. you have to help for that reason, and you have to help for america. we don't have health. what if something was to happen to mississippi or new orleans or any inner city in america? guess what? those people don't have health, and we're going to need help. so you have to help. just like we would need help if something was to happen to us. >> larry: tea you're a unicef am das bo bass dor. what do you have with you that unicef provides? >> what's the difference between this crisis and maybe the tsunami? after the tsunami we were able to prevent the death of any child in sort of the second wave of a disaster, which is bringing in supplies. we're looking at a much more desperate situation here. one of the things that we're sending over, which is sort of so urgent, the children of haiti before this crisis, as you were saying, were already in sort of a dire situation. kids who are malnourisheded are much more susceptible to suffer from disease. they're more apt to control call reor dis tear. one pact is about 7 cents. >> larry: show it to the camera. >> this is an incredible life-savi
states. he says, he has been wrongly accusely. it's unbelievable. he lived his life in america. he's an all-american boy. my son would love to go back to america. he used to have a good life in america, now he's hiding in the mountains. he doesn't even have safe water to drink. >> paula newton reporting for us from yemen tonight. >>> one of the worst kept secrets in baseball. mark mcgwire admits he used steroids throughout his he baseball career. he says he needed them to overcome injuries, not to enhance his performance. check out his emotional interview with bob costas on the major league baseball network. >>> i took very, very low dosages just because i wanted my body to feel normal. the wear and tear of 162 ball games and the status of where i was at and the pressures that i had to perform and what i had to go through to try to get through all these injuries, it's a very, very regrettable thing. i wish it never came into my life, but we're sitting here talking about it. i'm so sorry that i have to. i apologize to everybody in major league baseball. my family, bud selig, today w
america." >> there is one tape that was marked special, and we're just aghast. it's a sex tape of rielle and john edwards. made just a couple of months before the iowa caucuses. i mean, it's amazing the tape exists. that's unbelievable. but to leave it in a house that's for sale where realtors are going to be coming through it and leave it there for eight months is unbelievable. >> are you absolutely sure that this is john edwards and rielle hunter? >> it's definitely him. you never see her face. it's a visibly pregnant woman. >> stay classy, andrew young. >>> that brings us to the punch line courtesy of jimmy kimmel. behold his take on the sceptical that is state of the union. >> i did like the new state of the union opening theme song. ♪ it's state, state, state, state of the union ♪ ♪ barack obama is going to tell us how our union is doing ♪ >> it's the 220th annual state of the union address with joe biden. hillary clinton. nancy pelosi. harry reid. john mccain. lady gaga. snoop dogg. joe the plumber. the nabi of pandora. khloe kardashian. vince from sham-wow. and many more.
and innocent women and children are killed, who cares for them? if a bomb goes off in america or london what is wrong that? >> a poll in the times of london showed a shocking 13% of british muslims believe the london subway bombers were martyrs and many british muslims see the iraq war as a war against islam, against them. we are talking about england, young mus sims who grew up in this country. i think people would be stunned to hear you say it is essentially foreign policy which is causing youngsters to blow themselves up on the subway system and youngsters to think that's cool. >> foreign policy has a lot to do with it. and -- but it's the minority radical groups that use that to get to our young people. >> some of those young muslims are easy prey because they believe the british government crackdown is scapegoating them as when minister john reed came talk to their parents. >> there are fanatics who are looking to groom and brainwash children including your children so all i say is look for those telltale signs now. >> one of those fanatics was in the room waiting to pounce. >> when the
with radical clerics, he gets training, bombs, arms and he tries to infiltrate america. >> this isn't a one time -- we've seen this repeatedly. how would you address this, given this peers to a new threat. >> i think the president's right, we have to find ways to deal with that, it is more difficult. the incidents are not on the scale as the professor was suggesting of 9/11. one thing i would point out is, they seem to continue and have been interested in a long, long time in blowing up airliners, that seems to be one of their main objectives in life, and they keep trying, i wouldn't be surprised if they try that again. and we got to be on the lookout for that. >> campbell, the president said, we need to appeal to muslims worldwide, think, militants in the last 10 years have used social networks to recruit, mobilize. here you have the father of the christmas day bomb er, the muslm community could serve as the first line of defense. here you have a father and other incidents where the muslim communities, where the relatives, the neighbors -- >> are already playing that role. >> and this is w
? >> john, that requires a long answer and i will try to make it short. i think america is safer since 9/11 but we are certainly not safe. we have a long way to go, but we made significant progress. i think we've shown that al qaeda can land most anywhere. where there is fertile ground, they're going to breed. now the latest, of course, is yemen where there certainly is a significant challenge. al qaeda continues to inhabit areas along the afghan/pakistan border which, again, argues for success in afghanistan. but i think that we have to continue our emphasis and our focus on the fact that this challenge is not going away anytime soon. >> senator lieberman, to that point you are chairman of the homeland security committee. as al qaeda adapts its tactics and we have seen it in recent weeks, the new things they are trying to do, has the united states kept up? are we ahead of them, if you will, not only in improving airport security but in looking overseas in our intelligence gathering or are we still ahead of the game? >> we're ahead of the game but this is a war. there are times when i th
constituents is, this guy's doing all kinds of crazy stuff that's going to destroy america. how some of you went after this bill, you'd think that this thing was some bullshivic plot. >> i can look you in the eye and tell you, we have not been obstructionists. >> i think both sides can take some blame for a sour climate on capitol hill. >> really fascinating exchanges, you can see. and that was just a little bit of it. we are going to be playing you extended portions of what happened today throughout this hour. but let's get some general reaction first. cnn senior political correspondent, candy crowley, joining us, along with our senior political analyst, david gergen, and jeffrey toobin here with us in new york as well. david, right off the top, give me your impressions from today? >> so welcome. good for the republicans for inviting him, good for the president to accept, and then asking him to be opened up to cameras last night and the republicans said yes. i think americans just hunger for these kind of exchanges. it was robust and it revealed it's about more than simply personalities. i
really make sure, we must really reach out to muslims and also make sure we do not undermine america's open society. if we undermine american open society, al qaeda wins and those are two critical points. >> fawaz, i appreciate your time tonight. thank you. ambassador, also, good to see you as well. thank you. >>> coming up, an american-born cleric inspiring a new generation of terrorism. >> he is still getting his message out. both sets of dvds are openly on sale selling for about $100 each and the storekeeper says they are among the hottest selling items because most believe they are mainstream. >>> a chain of yoga and wellness centers. don yoga and its founder deny all allegations. you will hear from both sides. ( clicking ) you know it's closed and secure. that's why hefty food bags click closed. hefty! hefty! hefty! so you know you've helped lock in freshness and lock out air... to help prevent freezer burn. be sure it's secure with hefty food bags. just one click and you know it's closed. hefty! hefty! hefty! ( click, click, click ) this is a honda pilot. and this is the chevy
were approves to move to america and start new lives. i got to say good-bye to jenna at the airport where she and the others boarded the plane for a trip to florida, their new parents would meet them there. jenna and her mom would no longer be separated. thursday night, mother and daughter flew to denver, where jenna made her grand entrance into her own bedroom. >> how does elizabeth feel? >> i can scale. while we were at the orphanage, a couple from kansas reached out to our producers and told them they were looking for information about the boy they were adopting. so they called us and we found him. >> this is alexander. >> how is he doing? >> he's doing good. >> well, i guess i have mixed emotions. i'm incredibly happy to see him and i'm also terribly worried. >> two nights after that, alexander and 53 other children from the orphanage were driven to the u.s. embassy, they did not have approval to leave, but ultimately each child received permission. and now alexander is home too in kansas with his mom and dad. >> i kissed him and hugged him and checked him out and made sure for
percentage of america's population was killed? it is a massive blow. it stares you in the face everywhere you go. we came across a family who was going to bury their loved ones. we asked to follow them to the cemetery. they said they wanted us to come, they wanted the world to know who their daughter was, who their sister was and what she meant to them. we want to warn you, this is tough to watch. some of the images are graphic, but at the same time, this is too important to ignore. it's become an all too common site, a coffin wheeled down a port-au-prince street. >> this is bridget jean baptiste. she was a journalist. she was teaching a class when the walls collapsed. her father, sisters and brothers accompanied the coffin barely noticing the other bodies still laying in the road. bridgette was pulled out of the rubble alive. they couldn't find a doctor to treat her. she wasn't dead when we found her at 11:00. she died at 1:00. she could have been saved but we couldn't find help. these are the only pictures they have of bridgettte. her family is not sure if there is a space in this cemetery
this deeply as a former central intelligence officer, they're getting a lot of criticism on this. >> america is not large enough to handle this problem. what we need to develop in the united states is a directive of strategic services. socom in the military or something like that needs to be given expanded authorities, something the cia has in the realm of co vert action. let the covert action be done by this new organization. mccain wanted to create a dss. that was part of his campaign platform. a director of strategic performances, i've written about that as well. we have to do that in this fight if we want to win. >> can't the special forces in the pentagon do a lot of that? can't they carry a lot of this covert activity? i thought they were already going after these al qaeda guys. >> special forces is designed to do two things. it works with indigenous sources and also works with task. it doesn't do the things i'm talking about. i'm talking about an expanded military organization that will spot sources and do operations at the same time. special forces doesn't do that. they don't do that
and four others were approved to move to america. i got to say goodbye to jenna at the port-au-prince airport before they boarded a c-17 for a trip to florida. their new parents would meet them there. >> this is jenna. thursday night mother and daughter knew to denver where jenna made the grand entrance into hir bedroom. how does leagz feel? >> i can exhale. >> reporter: while we were at the orphanage, a couple at kansas reached out to our producers at "360" in new york. they were looking for a boy they were adopting. they found him. >> i have mixed emotions. i'm incredibly happy to see him. i'm terribly worried. >> reporter: two nights after that alexanderer and 53 other children were driven to the u.s. embassy. they did not all have approval to leave but ultimately they each received permission and alexander is in kansas with his mom and dad jean griffith and ross haskell. >> i kissed him and hugged him and checked him out and made sure he was okay. >> reporter: these children would not have made it to their parents so quickly if not for this earthquake. a silver lining. >
. this is america saying, look, children shouldn't play with matches. you guys are setting the country on fire with spending, and with all due respect to my good friend paul, it wasn't george bush that drove america's debt to $13 trillion. that's what the obama administration was doing. i think that's what people are upset about. what did brown do? he campaigned and said, you've got a choice. it's either one of us or one of them, a populist campaign and that's what worked. the democrats' answer to that fire was to pour kerr seen on it. i think voters are saying right now, a new fresh face republican party, a bottoms-up republican party saying, you know what, why don't we not spend more than we're taking in? it's a wake-up call. >> a majority -- 76% of the voters in the presidential election said they wanted change. a majority of independents now say this isn't the change they wanted. and i think that's the problem for president obama and it's the problem for martha coakley tonight. what they didn't want is this notion of big government that they think they are getting, and that may be a commun
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. it's why quicken loans is one of america's largest mortgage lenders. - and that's why i love... - i love being a home loan expert. ♪ morning because my back hurt so bad. >>> i find it difficult to single out one person as a hero. instead, i would say my hero is haitian true grit. the haitian spirit. we've seen people buried alive, we've seen people have lost everything. they've been knocked down, but they're refusing to stay down. what's coming through is their will to survive. and what's clear to me, if haiti is to be rebuilt, every single person i have metal need to be a hero from this time forward. everyone will really need to draw on that haitian true grit. >> they are the youngest of the victims here and the most vulnerab vulnerable. we're talking about the children of haiti, tens of thousands boys and girls who are in desperate need of help. many are orphans, all survivors of a nightmare that may stay with them for the rest of their lives. that's why unicef has therapists on the ground to try to comfort the kids. ♪ >> reporter: a song and a dance for children who have witn
on the air waves, and there he was today on "good morning america" bright and early, perhaps too early. listen to what he said. >> what he should be doing is following the right things that bush did, one of the right things he did was treatises on a war on terror. we no domestic attacks under bush, we had one under obama. >> no neck attacks under bush except for of course 9/11. the whole reason giuliani's thoughts on the war on terror carry any weight at all. the comments are burning up the blogosphere. this evening giuliani tried to clarify things on cnn's "the situation room." >> i do z omit the words since september 11th. i poll gilesed for that. i do remember september 11th. i remember it every single day and frequently during the day. >> i know you did. you said this and needs sop clarification "we've had one under obama" meaning a terrorist attack. which specifically attack are you referring to? >> i would consider the one, well, i mean the attack on christmas day was an attempted attack. i was talking about ft. hood. ft. hood was clearly an islamic terrorist attack. >> giuliani
, it's the best coverage in america. >>> i'm emanuel gute. just want to let my family in maryland and connecticut, my brother, know i'm okay. i'm safe and well. >> there are thousands of haitian children looking for a safe place to stay right now. it is a story that continues to touch all of us, so we check back in with bobby and sherry burnett, the relief organization, love a child. i asked them if they are seeing any signs of relief on the ground where they are. this was earlier. >> we're about 35 miles out from the city, but this morning early daylight, just one emergency case after another in our clinic that we have here next to our f orphans' home, terrible cases of broken bones, people crying and screaming, just one after another. >> how are you guys, sherry, dealing with that at the clinic? i know you've been short supplies, short personnel. how are you treating all these people? >> well, the best way we can. we are triaging them and then we're doing all the gaping wounds first. we have a section for them. and then all those that have broken arms, broken legs, just really s
the lunatic fringe is hijacking america." senior correspondent joe johns and rachel, a conservative activist and blogger for parentdish.com with us tonight. welcome to everybody. jeff, out of the box right after the election it was all about the economy. everyone was convinced. this president is going to make it his top priority. here he is basically having to make that exact same argument a year later that no, no, no, no it really is my priority. >> well, after the apparent catastrophic failure of the trail priority of his presidency -- you can argue it was a reasonable decision. it came close to health care is what he was betting his presidency on. barring what seems close to a miracle he's not going to get anything like what he wanted in. he has to focus on the substance. you know, we talk about the rhetoric and the speech. that doesn't matter. he's got to have results that improve people's lives. >> and joe, today, i think the white house said they want to let the dust settle from tuesday's election before they go forward doing anything major, any sort of restart on health care. what is
. >> sure. >> we heard an interesting tone from the president today when he talked about america's middle class being under assault. i mean, that was the message, and it was very populist sort of tone in terms of the rhetoric overall. that what he's going for? did you notice a shift, roland, and is that kind of the way he needs to reconnect with people, given what happened? >> absolutely. he's talking to them. remember, he got 69 million votes. john mccain got 59 million. he's talking to those 10 million people. look, politicians want to focus on the middle class, and so he will target them. also, the president has to challenge republicans as well saying, look, not extendsing an olive branch and saying i took your ideas on health care. they're in the bill. he should point that out. the own party has failed them because of their constant bickering and going for the moon. you're not going to get it. he will no doubt speak directly to the issues of the people hurting the most. campbell, this president is loathed to be emotional on some issues. reagan was strong, clinton was strong, even bush
or what happens now. he wanted his three kids in america to know he was alive and that's why he was talking to me. the only thing to compare this to is hurricane katrina. in the last 30 minutes or the last hour i've been driving, i've seen probably 20 to 25 bodies on the streets. and that's just on main avenues in downtown port-au-prince. literally as we're speaking, this is incredible, a man is pushing a wheelbarrow. in the wheelbarrow is what looks like a teenager wrapped in a shroud. he's taking her to the hospital, i think. that's what's down this street. that's where i'm headed next. i've seen people walking with coffins over their heads. a man walking with an old lady in a wheelbarrow as well. there's not a sense of, you know, of what's happening next. people are trying to get through today. i don't even know that people can think about what happens tomorrow. >> and again, that was anderson cooper for us from port-au-prince. there's so many powerful stories and pictures coming out of haiti tonight. cnn's ivan watson went to a clinic where earthquake survivors are crowding
into the radical cleric hiding out in yemen who could be the next osama bin laden. we'll explore what america's options are in that country. >>> president obama returned today from the sunny shores of hawaii to the gloom of washington. no surprise one of his first meetings was with his top counterterrorism aide john brennan. brennan was inescapable on tv this evening defending the approach to the war on terror and offering a bit of a mia culpa very much on message. >> clearly the system didn't work the way it should have. there was no single piece of intelligence, a smoking gun if you will. there is no smoking gun piece of intelligence out there that said he was a terrorist and carry out this attack against that aircraft. we had bits and pieces of information. bits and pieces of information that didn't give us the clarity we needed. what we need to do as an intelligence community and government is bring thoem bits and pieces of information together. the failure within the system was we didn't take that information and connect it to the other bits and pieces of information that came through th
experienced clearing roadways and removing debris. now with his nonprofit first response team of america he spends his life going from one disaster to the next. he became a cnn hero in 2008. >> the most critical phase of disaster is the first few days when you have to find the people that are in desperate need of medical attention, food, water. but if you pull up and there is a building lying in the middle of the road or if 20 miles is under water, how do you get resources to those people? >> reporter: he uses cranes, earth-moving equipment and responds to disasters. what he once did for a living he now does for free. haiti is his first international disaster mission. he is working in stitcity soleie poorest neighborhood in port-au-prince. >> this is unlike anything i have seen. >> reporter: with the help of relief organizations, he loaded up this barge in florida with heavy equipment and supplies he will need to help clear streets and buildings in haiti. his first job is to clear this collapsed church and rebuild the surrounding wall to give the people here a place to go for help. >> we ar
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to be a hemisphere-wide effort and the good news is south america is heavily engaged in haiti and the peace-keeping effort that's been ongoing in the past five years, and i know that they will be involved with us in the relief effort as well. >> ambassador timothy kearney, we appreciate it. he was the former u.s. ambassador to haiti joining us right now to give us a sense of the conditions in that country at thi
in the constitution that says president obama can dell gaegate defense america to a yemen dictator. >> before you leave. i have to ask you about the cia deaths this week, you spent of course, 20 years at the cia and you know what a great loss this is for, for the agency. how does this affect both morale and strategy as the agency expands its role? >> well i think it hurts morale to a certain extent, naturally, because of the deaths. but it hurts morale even more because one of the officers who got killed had had arranged an operation in 1998 that would have killed or captured mr. osama bin laden. and mr. brennan is instrumental in preventing that operation from occurring. instead he said the americans should trust the saudis to take care of bin laden. so it is a painful, a painful death, but more importantly it is a death that didn't need to occur had mr. clinton, mr. brennan, george tenet, and mr. burger had the courage to try to defend americans. >> i wish all the gentlemen were here to defend themselves. >> i would delighted any team to talk with them in public, in any forum, ma'am. >> hopeful
and also make sure we do not undermine america's open society. if we undermine american open society, al qaeda wins and those are two critical points. >> i appreciate your time tonight. thank you. ambassador, also, good to see you as well. thank you. >>> coming up next, reports tonight that jay leno is going to replace conan o'brien in late night tv. we're going to talk to the reporter plugged into the latest developments when we come back. >>> breaking news in the entertainment world tonight. according to report in "the new york times," nbc is considering returning jay leno to his 11:35 time slot. the paper says network executives talked to both leno and current host conan o'brien, but no final decision has been made, but if the shakeup happens it would be huge news. joining me now on the telephone is bill carter, the "times" television reporter who is covering the story. bill, what do you know? what's the latest? >> caller: well, it looks like this is definitely a plan that's probably going to take place. right after the olympics is over, which is a natural break for nbc because they'l
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